Who we are

CollectiveUP is a team of international, multi-cultural, disciplinary-diverse members who bring alive initiatives that benefit individuals and communities, including associations, organizations, companies (profit & non-profit), families, schools, neighborhoods, cities, municipalities and society in general.

Our work supports the Collective UPgrading of our democracy and participatory practices, using methods like sociocracy and agile collective decision making, and tools like digital participatory platforms.

Our activities include: research, comparative studies, curating and creating technologies and methodologies for social impact, and disseminating them through a wide variety of events and activities.

Transforming Together

We want systemic change

We are dedicated to transforming the digital, business, green and social worlds in a humane and inclusive way, without leaving anyone by the wayside. Our work empowers all voices to be heard, fostering the meaningful and effective participation of all community members in Europe’s digital, social and green transitions.

Our goal

Our Goal is to support the achievement of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), consistent with the purpose of leaving no one behind. We energize this mission in the Digital, Green and Social dimensions by working side by side with public, private, and other civil society actors to support the vision of the EU’s Triple Transition.

The global goals

Our work

Transforming society

CollectiveUP’s work for societal transformation is built around inclusion & diversity and has 6 focus areas:
Creation, implementation, and dissemination of collaborative methods including online/offline social impact events and workshops. Working to generate transformative changes in education, along with actors in the private sector, education, civil society, and research & innovation.
Advocacy for inclusion of disadvantaged populations in all areas of our society and our democracy.
Promotion of decentralized collective governance through activities that enhance participatory, citizen-driven leadership.
Intergenerational dialogues for peacebuilding, placemaking, and for integrating creativity and cultural heritage in social innovation.
Consultancy and training on diversity and inclusion, helping societies to overcome unconscious biases in the design and use of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence.
Incubation, facilitation, and fostering of community building for peer-to-peer and self-directed learning in formal and non-formal environments, including the use of gaming technologies to empower youths’ exchanges, dialogues and co-created visions for the future.

the digital world

CollectiveUP’s digital work is built around responsible practices, and has 6 focus areas:
Creation of tech/digital tools that follow the principles of ethics-by-design,privacy-by-design, and society/human-centered design.
Creation of online communities to support the transformational work of our partners and projects.
Communicating and teaching about technologies with a focus on tech for social good.
Consultancy and support for guiding teams to create digitally inclusive experiences.
Incubation and development of peer-to-peer and democratic tech projects.
Organization of online/offline events for next-generation technologies.

our planet

CollectiveUP’s work on behalf of the green transition has 4 focus areas:
Raising awareness for the circular, regenerative uses of resources to audiences of all ages.
Training and sharing best practices on using the Internet, email, and social media for reducing carbon footprints.
Activating projects that integrate green objectives and eco-friendly behavioral change amongst stakeholders.
Supporting the use of local, sustainable  products and materials including recycled supplies, and the use of eco-friendly, green modes of travel and accommodation for our events, meetings, workshops and activities.



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Regenerating Education - Single online seminar

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Regenerating Education - Tier of 7 online seminars
April 6, 2024

Regenerating Education - Tier of 7 online seminars

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