About CollectiveUP

CollectiveUP is a social enterprise that does research to create methods and technologies that benefit individuals and collectives, including associations, organizations, companies (both in the profit and non-profit sector), families, schools, neighborhoods, cities and municipalities and society. Our work supports the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our activities include, but are not limited to: researching (including comparative studies), curating and creating technologies and methodologies for social impact, and organizing a wide variety of events and activities for their dissemination.

No one is left behind

The main goal of CollectiveUP

is to support the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), consistent with the motto “no one is left behind’. We facilitate this work both in the Digital and the Social dimensions.

CollectiveUP’s social work is built around inclusion and diversity and has 8 focus areas:

The creation, use, and dissemination of collaborative methods and processes.

The support and advocacy for inclusion of the disadvantaged population in all the areas of our society and our democracy.

Advocacy, talks, workshops, and training around decentralized and distributed collective decision-making. Citizens participation.

Enhancing equal opportunities for people of diverse genders and facilitating fair collaboration and coexistence between them.

Intergenerational work and dialogues for peacebuilding.
Consultancy and advice around diversity and inclusion.
Incubation, support, and community building for peer-to-peer and self-directed learning.
Organization of online/offline social impact events and training.

CollectiveUP’s digital work is built around responsible practices, and has 6 focus areas:

The creation of tech/digital tools that follow the principles of ethics-by-design that include privacy-by-design, and society/human-centered design.

The creation of online communities that support the transformational work of our partners and our projects.
Teaching and speaking about technologies with a focus on tech for social good.
Consultancy and advice that guides teams to create digitally inclusive experiences and platforms.
Incubation and support of peer-to-peer and democracy technology projects.
Organization of online/offline events for next-generation technologies and their impact.


CollectiveUP uses methodologies such as, but not limited to, gamification, design thinking, kanban, community mastery board, game-shifting board, time management, scaffolding, agile project management, agile learning, scrum, sociocracy, etc.


CollectiveUP uses technologies such as, but not limited to, games, web applications, swarm intelligence, artificial intelligence, distributed technologies, smart technologies, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, virtual reality, data analysis.



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