Youth 4 Bauhaus

The idea to submit the Youth 4 Bauhaus project emerged with the launching of the New European Bauhaus initiative (NEBI), in October 2020 by the European Commission. NEBI is a green initiative of the European Union, bringing together the aspects of sustainable development, beauty, and democracy under one roof to build beautiful, sustainable andinclusive places to live together. For the moment, the concept is defined on the European level as the EC President, Ursula von der Leyen says ‘’The New European Bauhaus is a project of hope to explore how we live better together after the pandemic. It is about matching sustainability with style, to bring the European Green Deal closer to people’s mindsand homes’’.

To materialize the said reality, we would have to get a snowball effect, taking upon opinions of experts in architecture, urbanism, construction engineering, technologies, sociology, business, politicians, and most importantly of the European citizens in their cultural diversity. Young people have to play an important role in the discussion, as thisdiscussion is not only about the physical framework influencing the way they will live, work and spend their free time in the future, but about the future of our planet. And it is them that risk not being consulted. Based on the carried-out surveys the topics of sustainability and participatory co-creation of cities seem to be too complicated for them, they have very littleinformation and many times they feel powerless to change the way their city looks.

Youth 4 Bauhaus which offers activities, tools, and space for the inclusion of the youth into co-creation of sustainable, inclusive and green cities and public spaces.

Exercise: Import the Youth4Bauhaus worlds in Minecraft Education:

Starting worlds

Gent Dampoort Park


Gent Dubbele Brug


Kosice 4x4 City World