Agile XR-teamwork

Distance learning during the coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of strain on learners’ academic motivation due to the lack of a social support system and a sense of community. For younger learners, poor experience in self-regulation of their learning hampers the motivation for learning even more. Collaborative learning experiences can combat these challenges by enhancing interactions between the students and with the teachers in distance learning. When it’s done well, collaborative learning can be fun, engaging, social and productive.

As we look forward with hope towards a post-pandemic world, schools and universities search for maximizing the benefits and minimizing the drawbacks of both distance and on-campus learning. This consortium wants to focus on getting collaborative learning right in the context of this yet to discover hybrid learning format. We build this proposal from our expertise with agile learning methods, a proven process for responsive and effective collaborative learning.

This project aims to improve the learning of teamwork in hybrid learning scenarios by further developing the support for the use of agile learning methods in distance and on-campus learning.