Agile 4 Collaboration

The Agile Management was developed how a management philosophy developed in software management and recently being adapted across other sectors.With the success of Agile Management, educators and entrepreneurs in education saw the potential of the method and brought it into a free learning, self-directed learning school in New York, 7 years ago. 2013 was the birth year of Agile Learning Centre. Their approach and success among students and their families grew into a global movement and a growing Agile Learning Centres Network.

The overall aim of the project partnership is to contribute in a collaborative, agile way, to the development of Agile Learning in Europe as a learning method .that is closer to the natural way of learning of people, and that is highlybeneficial for learners who are formed in an interactive, collaborative and self-directed way. To this end, the project sets the following specific



  1. Develop and put together a series of manuals, courses and other resources thatincorporate the concepts and foundations of Agile Learning, but also a series of practices, methods, (digital) tools, and recommendations on how to use agile peer-to-peer learning.

  2. Train and share these resources with a series of teachers,trainers, youth workers and other education professionals on how to use agile learning methods to facilitate agile learning processes and support the development of key competences of their students.

  3. Develop a European online community of Agile Learning practitioners to continue the improvement, further development and adoption at a wide scale of these resources to foster the professional development of teachers/trainers/education professionals.